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Still Confused? Figures.

Here you will find answer’s to the most asked questions. If you don’t find your answer then you may send an email to DOMINAREISU@YAHOO.COM .

L is for...............


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important for me to give so much advance notice?

I know you would like to think that the whole world revolves around you, but it doesn’t. I have other appointment requests to entertain and am not available at your whim. If you desire to have an audience with me you must submit your request as soon as you have the desired date and time in mind, also in order to ensure that your appointment time is reserved you must confirm at least an hour before your appointment or confirmed within the time that you were told. I prefer a day’s advance notice.

I’m not really into BDSM, I just want a nice GFE session and/or nice massage…

Well if that is what you are looking for, then what the hell are you doing on my site. It is quite obvious what I specialize in, so do me a favor and go to a site that is fitting towards what you desire. I know you would like to think that at the very sight of you I will be sooooo turned on and drop my whip, strip naked and beg you to take me, but it is not going to happen so don’t waste my time or yours.

Why do I have to pay a tribute, shouldn’t a “real” lifestyle Domme do this for free?

Now where the hell did you get that crazy idea from. Guess what, I value my time, therefore it makes my time valueable and if you desire to have a piece of my time then you must pay for it. If you don’t want to, then that’s ok, you don’t have to. Go find someone that will take you for free.

I understand that when I visit with you that I must totally submit, but what if I am not into certain things?

In order for us both to get enjoyment out of our time together (and yes I do enjoy myself), we must have open communication. There will be a thorough consultation before we begin. In order to truly control someone there must be trust on both ends. You will also be given code words to use during the session to alert me of any changes.

I would love to spoil you and take you shopping for a day. Will That be possible at all?

Yes it would. However, I would need to get to know you better and make sure that you are not going to be a total freak and embarrass me in public. After a few sessions, maybe I will allow you to be seen with me.

Last modified on July 16, 2011

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